4 months old!

Cameron is 4 months old now and we can’t believe it. She is growing stronger and sweeter every day. She’s sleeping through the night now which makes for a very happy mommy and daddy. She is starting to grow more blond hair and looking cute. Brian and Cameron still look so much alike. It’s precious.

We took her to the doctor on Wednesday for her check up and vaccinations. She officially weighs 12 lbs 3 oz and is 24 1/2 inches long. That’s 25th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height. The doctor says she’s very healthy looking. She’s met all of her developmental milestones except one: rolling over. He said not to worry about it though because it’s not abnormal that she’s not doing this yet.

It’s becoming quite obvious that she’s getting frustrated with the fact that she can’t sit up or move around yet. She loves to pull up and stand up like a big girl. She has the cutest expression when she does this. She grabs at anything put in front of her now and everything goes to the mouth. She loves to be read to and look at the colorful pages of books. Every day she gets better ant tummy time.

She has become increasingly more interested in the dogs and watches them from across the room. The dogs don’t really notice her still. Occasionally they will come sniff her then walk off. Bayley loves her toys and thinks when we play with Cameron that really we’re wanting to play with her. She gets that border collie intense stare as if any second we’re going to toss one of Cameron’s toys for her to fetch. Sam only cares about Cameron’s dirty clothes. He’s so gross, we find him with so many of her soiled outfits. Max cares about where we leave the boppy pillow. You can be sure that if it’s left in a reachable place Max will curl up in it.

Cameron has become so vocal. She squeals and laughs all the time and at the most random things. That always tickles us. She is so much fun to be around and is happy most of the time. She still loves to go places and take in the new scenery.

Here are some pictures of Cameron at 4 months old.

At the doctor.. before the shots.

Sweet angel.

Getting to be so strong!

I like cups!

Silly willy laughing a who knows what.

Focused on those cups!

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