We’ve moved

This has been a busy busy week! On Thursday we moved most of our things from our house to a 1 bedroom apartment. We’ll be in the apartment for about 3-4 months until our new house is ready to move into. Since the apartment is on the 3rd floor, we had movers move our things. There’s no way that we could have done it ourselves.

Cameron did great and has been adjusting fine. We were worried that it might throw her out of her routine for a few days until she got settled but she’s slept through the night every night we’ve been here and seems to have no idea that we’re in a different place. She slept in her swing the first few nights until we were able to have the time to take her crib apart and move it over. It wouldn’t fit through the door and the movers were not allowed to assemble/disassemble it for liability purposes. My dad and Brian got it taken care of so now she’s got everything she needs.

Construction on the new house has finally started. The slab will probably be poured sometime this next week. I’m glad our apartment is so close so that we can go check on its progress often.

Here’s a picture of the new house’s location. Just a foundation now but will be our new home in July/August!

View from the front.

We’ll be posting pictures of the progress as it moves along. We want to include pictures of Cameron so we can show her one day and so we can watch how she’s grown during this process. We’re so thankful for everything in our lives and that God has blessed us in so many ways. Everything we have is because of Him.

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