Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

This was Cameron’s 2nd Easter. She’s changed so much in just 1 year! We had a great time with family.

We went to church first and cannot believe we completely FORGOT to get a family picture! I am so sad by this because we were all dressed up looking nice and we have hardly any pictures of just the 3 of us.

Cameron was very well behaved in church by the way. I was definitely impressed.

After church we went to my grandmother’s house for lunch and Easter egg hunting. She cooked the best pot roast we’ve ever had and we had 2 cakes for dessert!

Mor’s backyard with some of the family

Look what Cameron found! A bunny and more eggs!

It didn’t take long for little Miss to lose interest in eggs and find a ball. She seems to find them wherever we are and would prefer to play with a ball (or balloon) over anything else in the world.


“Here Uncle Forrest, you can have the egg!”

Cameron adores Forrest. It’s so cute to watch.

After lunch at my grandparent’s house we went to Brian’s grandparents to visit and hunt more Easter eggs.

So many eggs!

Got one!

Cameron had the special help of little Angel to find eggs.

What a fun day!

And just for fun, here’s a picture of Cameron from last Easter!


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