16 months

Cameron is 16 months now.

And is such a big girl!

She’s a very big helper. She loves to mimic lots of things that we do. She helps me load the dishwasher, put clothes in the drier, clean up her toys & even put her laundry away!

New words: Boy (she pronounces it boy-eeee), Elmo & remote (which she says the same way)

Her favorite word?  .. “No”

New signs: Yes, No, balloon, water (kinda)

Tooth count: 12!!!

She’s loving this warm weather! With a never ending curiosity for water, one of her new favorite things to do is play in the sprinkler. She also loves to go for walks. She’s so funny because she gets into ultimate relaxation mode and puts her hands back and crosses her legs.

I know she looks angry here but she’s actually just relaxing. She was also in dire need of a nap on this day.

We feel very fortunate to live in a neighborhood that makes walks interesting and has parks around every corner it seems. Cameron has now discovered that there is more to playgrounds than just baby swings and LOVES going down slides and climbing on things. It’s a sad realization because she’s turning into such a big girl now! I want her to stay so sweet and innocent forever!

We are noticing that Cameron is now taking a new interest in some of her toys that were a little old for her a few months ago. It’s so neat to watch her discover new things and new skills that she has. There is LOTS of babbling and gibberish going on. She’s constantly talking to herself while playing. Not sure what she’s saying but she says it with intention as if she knows all about it.

Silly upside down girl

Playing with the dog bowl.

There’s a really great dynamic in the house right now between the dogs, cat and Cameron. They all get along so well and play all the time. Picco is a great addition. Cameron just loves him and he’s so good with her. Bayley has always been great with Cameron and she loves to chase her when she has a ball. These two really help keep the little girl entertained. There’s not even a speck of fear in Cameron when it comes to them which is neat. The cat has learned to love Cameron. She’s learned she’s a great source of petting and kisses. Picco and our cat, Sakura, are already great pals which is so heart warming to see. Sakura and Max were very good friends too. I think it’s the Italian Greyhound breed that just comes across so non-threatening to other animals, or at least to our cat. The only two animals she’s ever played with have been Italian greyhounds. Sakura will actually chase Picco and tackle him. He eats this up. She will even sleep next to him. Picco has learned Cameron is a great heat source and loves to snuggle with her. When we’re in the car, Cameron insists Picco rides in her carseat with her. He was resistant at first but now enjoys it just as much as she does.

Cute, right?

Cameron’s appetite is doing much better this last month. I’ve been trying my hardest to cook more for the 3 of us and it turns out she needs variety just like Brian does. She’ll eat just about anything and loves change. Me, on the other hand, I could eat the same thing every day.

Cameron’s interest in “going potty” has started to show even more in the last month. I was thinking we were going to wait on potty training but she is acting like she wants to go like big girls do. I bought a little training potty the other day to let her get familiar with it. I still hesitate to push it on her so we’ll see. She follows me into the bathroom when I go and squats to do her thing too, both #1 & #2 and then tells me what she’s done (though she calls it all poo poo). I’ve never done this whole potty training thing before but it seems like these might be signs that she’s getting ready. She’s also becoming increasingly aggravated with having a wet or dirty diaper. We’ll see what the next month brings. 🙂

I had her pictures taken for Easter. Here are a few of them that turned out pretty cute. 🙂


Thanks for reading!


  1. Lindsay April 25, 2011

    Cameron is beautiful! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet baby #2

  2. Becca April 26, 2011

    Thanks Lindsay. When is school out for you guys?

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