14 months old

Another month has gone by. And what a month it has been! I say this every month but we’re still amazed at how much she can change in such a short period of time.

Here’s our sweet little bed-head girl first thing in the morning. Ready for breakfast!!

Cameron is learning so much. She’s picking up signs from Baby Signing Time like crazy. She is saying new words and doing lots of talking (plenty of gibberish too).

New signs for Cameron this month: More, Stop, Star, bird, eat, milk, drink.

New words this month: juice, shoes, bubble (Buh-Buh), stop, mommy (which she alternates with mama), dance (she says Deee), thank you, Bayley (our dog) which she pronounces Bay-Bay

Animal sounds: She just learned to “moo” and still says Bow-wow-wow all the time any time she sees or hears a dog.

Favorite foods: bananas, blueberries

Weight: approximately 21 pounds

Clothing Size: 12-18 months

Shoe size: 5

Teeth: 7

Naps: Usually 1 a day, ranging from 1.5-3 hours. Still around 9-10am.

Comfort item: blankie

Favorite “toy” : TV remotes

She LOVES babies. Anytime we see a kid, even if the kid’s like 5 or 6 years old she calls her “Baby!!!” and says it over and over and over and over and makes a come here motion with her hands. She loves other kids.

She loves to go outside and tries to slip out anytime we open the door. Her favorite outdoor activity right now is playing with bubbles.

She loves to read books and is finally getting to the point where she will sit still long enough to get through one, as long as they’re not to long. She loves to point and say things that she recognizes.

For the first time, we’re starting to see fears . Cameron is absolutely terrified if Brian or I sneeze or cough.

We experienced her first little “cold” virus this month. The worst of it lasted about a day with a minor stuffy nose for the next 2 days. She shook it off like a champ and then passed it along to mom and dad who were sick for a good 3-5 days. We feel so blessed that she has not had to experience any colds or sicknesses, including ear infections, so far. We’re praying she can remain healthy as she starts to become exposed to more.

And speaking of which.. Cameron is now registered to start attending pre-school in August. She will be at Grace Methodist Pre-school in Katy in the Monday and Wednesday toddler class which is from about 9am – 2pm. We are so excited for her. She is very eager to interact with more children. I know she will love the chance to learn more.

Funny thing she has started to do. She saw me tell the cat “no no no” one day when she was scratching the couch. Now Cameron will tell her “no no no” and shake her finger at her if she scratches the couch, gets on the furniture or counter tops, or gets near her blankie. So funny.

Huge milestone: We are bottle free!!! Hallelujah! I dreaded the transition and didn’t force it. She became more and more comfortable with sippy cups drinking water and juice and naturally transitioned over to them for her milk too. The process took about a week and she shows no signs of missing them.

We’re still so amazed by how much she understands even though she can’t say the words. She’s an extremely busy little girl with the sweetness that will melt your heart. She’s been in a lovey/clingy mood this month and I am eating up every minute of it. She’s very curious and seems to be right where she should be developmentally for her age. She enjoys looking at pictures of people she knows. She misses Brian while he’s at work and goes crazy when he gets home. We feel so blessed to be the parents of this little girl.

Lots of pictures from this month. Thanks for reading. 🙂

Daddy’s little girl.

Always an angel for mommy.

Bubbles are so exciting!

Such a sweet little girl. Quietly reading her book. <3

She loves to try to brush her hair.

And thanks for this outfit, Brooke! Turned out great!

Such a funny girl.

Antennas.. I mean pig tails! Her hair is in a very funny stage right now but seems to be growing quickly thank goodness.

Big girl in her high chair at Chili’s.

Prepared for that cold weather we had for 2 weeks.

Sleepy girl. Snuggled up with her blankie.


Baby loved Pad Thai.Was my non-spicy kind though.

Kisses for the baby.

New petti skirt. Cute right?

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  1. Lindsay February 19, 2011

    She is adorable and I love the Valentine outfit!!!!! We miss you guys!!

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