In between bouts of crazy Texas weather ranging from 19 degrees to 70 degrees in one week, Cameron has been more and more interested in (and demanding of) going outside. Now that she’s a completely mobile 1 year old girl she’s realized there’s a much larger and way more exciting world out there.

We decided that she might like playing with bubbles so we got a few last week. She absolutely loved them! She’s just so much fun to watch. She is so busy.

Here are some pictures of our sweet girl playing this last week.

By the way, next time I will be snapping pictures with my partner in crime. It’s very difficult to get pictures of a toddler AND bubbles on a windy day.

So busy!

Yes, mama?

When the tongue is out you know she’s serious.


What’s that Brian? .. I mean, Cameron.

Bubble lollipop.

I think she looks so much like Brian in this picture.

Mommy’s heart. This girl amazes us every day.

Gorgeous brown eyes. <3

Thanks for reading!

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