Happy Halloween!

Cameron’s First Halloween

Our Lil’ Lobster.

Though she’s not old enough for trick or treating yet, Cameron still had a great time dressing up in a costume. I think we had even more fun than she did. 🙂 We decided that for this first year, we would make a visit to our families instead of the whole door to door thing. I wasn’t sure that she would stand to wear her costume for very long but she proved me wrong. She had a funny expression on her face the whole time she was wearing it but she didn’t fight it at all.

The story behind the lobster costume:

There are thousands, and yes I mean thousands, of baby costumes out there! I was very much at a loss when trying to find a cute one for Cameron and her first Halloween. Originally, I wanted for her to be a black cat since we have one and she loves her so much but I couldn’t find one that was cute. I think that will be next year. We got to thinking and around that same time Cameron was in a “pinching” phase. She does it mostly to Brian but also to me when she’s sleepy. She pinches necks, chins, arms, cheeks.. anything she can get her little fingers on as a comfort to her. She doesn’t do it to be mean but it is funny to see Brian’s neck after she gets to him. Anyway, all this pinching and my mom had the idea to make her a crab or a lobster. Well, I ran across this cute lobster costume and couldn’t resist.

Cam and her kitty. This girl seriously loves cats. Our cat, Sakura (not pictured), is such a great cat. She’s so tolerant of Cameron. Cameron gets overly excited to see her and Sakura doesn’t mind it at all. I am so thankful that she’s not a mean kitty so our little sweetheart can love on her all she wants.

Love that little face. <3

A break from the head piece. Happy girl.

Lobster anyone??

Another one of my mom’s ideas. We got her pot and a wooden spoon and this little ham.. I mean lobster, was all about posing for that camera.

Daddy and his mini.

She’s a mommy’s girl too though.

Aunt Emily making her laugh!

Content to be held by Grandpa.

Showing Gammie that she’s a big girl now… ready to walk soon!

Even little lobsters need their rest though.

And a good bottle too.

Cameron and Mor (her great-grandmother)

She’s got the magic touch. This is one tired lobster.

We had a great time seeing everyone for Cameron’s first Halloween. I can hardly believe that we’ll be celebrating her first birthday soon!

Thanks for reading!! <3

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  1. dibble November 3, 2010

    So cute !!!

    Love the pot picture !!!!

    Glad you all had a good Halloween !!!

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