Project 366: January

One of my goals for the year is to take a photo of each of my kiddos every day this year. Every. Single. Day. It’s harder than it sounds because it’s more than just a cell phone snap. I’m trying to be more intentional about being creative, seeing light differently, trying things I don’t normally try when it comes to photography. I’m trying be less intentional by not doing “say cheese” or bribing for cooperative kids. I just want to capture them. Who they each are in 2016. What we do. Our life is incredibly boring at times and I love it. I love that there is real beauty in a genuine childhood. A happy childhood.

Anyway, so here’s January.

The first is of just Molly. Not because she’s my favorite but because she’s changing so much this year. Physically. More so than the other two. And also because there’s rarely a moment when Cameron & Charlotte are separate. One of my greatest joys is their relationship. The second is theirs. With of course, some Molly thrown in. 🙂

Molly January

Cam and Char January

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