10 months!

The older she gets the less time I have to sit down and blog! Our little girl is quite a handful. She’s full of energy and loves to explore new things. She’s 10 months old now and no longer interested in “baby” things. Well, except when she’s sleepy then she loves to snuggle.

We went to the doctor for her flu shot booster and she’s now 18.5 lbs. Big girl!

She now has 4 teeth. Two top and two bottom. She’s doing very well with chewing her food. She has decided she’s no longer a fan of baby food and wants to eat whatever Mommy and Daddy are eating. She’s a very good eater in that sense. She loves to try new things.

She’s crawling very fast now and pulling up on everything. She’s cruising all over the place and has started to push her little walker around. We’ve caught her several times standing up not holding on to anything but when she realizes she’s doing it she quickly sits down. It was so funny the other day. I took her to the park with a friend of mine and her little girl. I sat Cameron down on the grass and she did NOT like the feel of it. She stood up and stayed standing for a long time! She did not want to sit back down on that grass! We ended up putting a blanket down for her but I couldn’t believe the way she was able to balance when she really wanted to.

She’s doing lots of talking and singing. She knows who Ma-ma and Da-da are now and says our names when she sees us. She loves the cat and the dogs and says a word that kind of sounds like dog and cat when she sees them. She’s very gentle with the animals. I’m very proud of her. I hope she stays that way.

She loves to watch the show “Yo Gabba Gabba” on TV. It’s the only one that really gets her attention. It’s a pretty strange show but it seems to teach good lessons so I’m okay with that.

Cameron is a jumper. She wants to jump all day every day. Every surface she’s on is a potential jump for her. It’s so cute! She’s really funny to watch when we put her in her actual jumper the “Jenny Jump-Up”. She’s learned to spin herself and run in circles in the doorway. She definitely keeps Brian and me laughing all the time.

Cameron loves her baby dolls and loves on them all the time. She loves to read books but is not crazy about being read to yet. She likes to control the turning of pages and go at her own pace. We’re still working on that.

She hates to wear shoes. She pulls her shoes and socks off every time I put them on her. I don’t know what I’m going to do when she actually needs them.

Her sleeping habits right now are not so fun for mommy and daddy. She goes to bed at 8pm and usually wakes up by midnight and needs to be patted back to sleep. Then she wakes up at 3am and wants a bottle and then at 5:30 am usually and wants to come into our bed with us. If we’re lucky we’ll get her to fall back asleep until 7am but most mornings we’re not so lucky and she ends up crawling and jumping around two very exhausted parents until we get the energy to get out of bed. I’m sure that it’s our fault for bringing her into bed with us to begin with but I still just can’t stand to let her “cry it out”. She gets so hysterical and we feel so bad. We’re going to have to figure something out soon because we can’t keep functioning on so little sleep. We keep telling ourselves that this is a phase due to growing or teething. We’ll see. She used to sleep 12 hrs through the night no problem by herself in her crib.

This month is Halloween! Cameron’s First! We’ve ordered a costume for her so we will definitely post some pictures when it arrives. We plan on making a trip to a pumpkin patch soon for pictures too.

Here are some pictures of Cameron at 10 months!

Cameron and my mom (Mimi) at the dragon boat races.

She found her bow..

My love.

Lately, that tongue is out all the time!

Halloween jammies!

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  1. Lindsay October 21, 2010

    She is adorable Becca!! I can NOT believe she is already 10 months! That is crazy! 🙂 We need to get together again soon! Miss you guys!

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