Oil Ranch & Ren Fest 2015

While looking through some old pictures I found our adventures at the Oil Ranch and the Texas Renaissance Festival this fall.

The Oil Ranch is a huge farm with activities everywhere for kids to enjoy. Their favorites were definitely pony rides and the big jumping pillow but they also each got to try milking a cow and running in a hamster wheel. And then playing in a giant hay stack inside of a barn. We went with some good friends which made it even more fun. Here are some pictures of our fun day.


We went to school day at the Texas Renaissance Festival. This was important to me because everything was kept G rated for the most part and there was no alcohol served on the property that day. The bad part, however, was that every school in the entire city had the same idea to go that day. It was more crowded than I think it would have been had we gone on a weekend like we originally planned. The girls had fun, though, and were able to learn about knights and jousting and sword fighting. It was a full and tiring day and incredibly hot but the girls had a great time.

Renfest 2015

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