Old Town Tomball

A few weeks ago, when we got the very first “cold front” in Houston, we bundled the girls up and decided to take them out for a very spontaneous photo session in Tomball before getting soup for dinner at Panera. I’d only been there for antique shopping so it was a little bit for exploration as well. To my surprise, it ended up being one of my favorite sessions of my kids ever. They were in great moods and the night was lovely. Not to mention I’m not a new fan of the area for pictures. Their outfits didn’t really match as they were just thrown together with whatever we could find in their closet. But this is the second time now that some of my favorite pictures come from when I let my girls do the planning of the wardrobe. I really treasure these and have had several printed and put up in our home. It’s hard to get natural expressions out of three kids but I feel like they were so themselves here so I had to share.

tomball kids

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