Cam’s Tron Party


She’s six if you can believe it. SIX! Our sweet girl is such a neat kid. She’s so grateful and understanding. As I mentioned in a previous post, we’ve been slammed with seasonal illnesses but were finally well enough to have her party this weekend. Her wish? A Tron party. Yes, Tron. She’s obsessed. She’s seen both the old and the new movie and is completely fixated on it. Not an easy theme to plan for but we managed and she was so thrilled. She’s been asking for a party at our house for years with all of her friends and she got exactly what she wanted. We rented a bouncy house thing for entertainment and it was a huge hit. Her very best friend in the world, Jesse, came with his family and they played for hours. She’s been really missing Jesse since he moved to the other side of Houston in July and then they both started school. They picked up right where the left off and didn’t miss a beat. Her friend Bella and her brothers and sister came too which made for even more fun. Only one injury for the day and that was our Charlotte. The kids were dragon racing and Charlotte missed a turn, fell and slid into the baseboards with her face. But she perked right up when cake was mentioned and was doing just fine a few minutes after the initial hurt was over. Poor kiddo- she’s always the one that gets hurt. Here are a few pictures from the day. I was so busy that I didn’t get too many pictures but at least we got some.

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