It’s the little things..


The closer she gets to one the more emotional I get. My last baby. Growing and growing way too fast for me. I never want to forget the details. Her bald head sprouting hair. Her ears. Her eye lashes. Those cheeks. The chubby hands. The crazy toe. How she pulls up. Her fascination with the little things in dirt. That crawl! The pointing fingers. And the beauty of making a discovery for the very first time. ¬†The look in her eyes. Innocence and wonder. There’s nothing like this time. And it’s so bittersweet that it passes by so quickly. We’re so thankful for these girls. And we’re so enjoying every second of this baby before she turns one and decides she’s going to get up, run off and turn into a toddler.
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She made the connection between a fish in a book and the fish in our tank. Look at the wonder in her eyes. And how proud she is of herself! We’re watching our fish closely these days because they’re about to have babies! You can even see the babies¬†eyes inside of the mom’s bellies!Untitled-3

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