Destin 2015

We had an incredible opportunity land in our laps a few months ago. And I’m just now getting around to blogging about it. We took our very first family Destin, Florida! We had an amazing time. The girls absolutely loved it. We didn’t get perfectly clear weather the whole time but it was enough to allow plenty of time at the beach and other activities. This is a picture HEAVY post. I’ve been meaning to get these posted for the last few months. Destin is a photographer’s dream location. The cloudy days weren’t what I was hoping for and I don’t think the pictures do the water justice (blue/green on cloudy days and bright blue on sunny days) but I’m so thankful for the wonderful memories we had.

UV3A3443 UV3A3455 UV3A3478UV3A3582-1 UV3A3648 UV3A3668-1 UV3A3686-1 UV3A3705-1 UV3A3569 UV3A3810 UV3A3770 UV3A3762 UV3A3586 UV3A3646UV3A3897UV3A3931UV3A3968-1UV3A4057UV3A4076UV3A3981UV3A4024UV3A4030UV3A4045UV3A3511UV3A3517UV3A3540-1

Beautiful day! Despite tons of sunscreen, three of us walked away burned. That water though!

Sunrise family selfie.UV3A4211UV3A4304UV3A4309UV3A4435UV3A4353UV3A4335-1

Naked beach babe!UV3A4542UV3A4579

This one is my favorite. <3UV3A4594-1

She goes right to sleep anytime daddy holds her. Instant comfort. UV3A4186UV3A4189

At the end of our trip we took a pirate ship ride around Destin. It was themed for the kids and had all kinds of fun activities for them. They loved every minute of it. Molly slept through most of it as usual. 🙂



I mean, these two! they cling to each other in new and uncertain situations. UV3A4680UV3A4648

But then it was all kinds of fun!UV3A4656UV3A4661UV3A4666UV3A4684UV3A4674UV3A4673

View from the back of the ship before departure. We got to see a beautiful sunset while on the pirate cruise.UV3A4615

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