A New Day

Meet Chloe

It was very difficult to deal with losing both Sam and Max in 2 weeks. We knew we wanted another dog eventually, but didn’t know what kind or when. After much discussion, we decided that since we’ve had nothing but great experiences with border collies, we would get another. This pup would in no way be a replacement for either of the other two, but a new start. A new life and new love in our household. I will always hold my Maxie dear to my heart and will never forget him. I loved my Sam too and know he is doing well and having the time of his life right now.

We did lots of looking and checked out some local pups with no luck. We found a breeder in Texas about 6 hrs away who had 2 pups we were interested in, one male one female. We didn’t know which we should get. Our vet told us that research shows that spayed/neutered male and female is the best combination for a household. Two boys or girls may fight. We wanted another gentle dog since Bayley is so timid. She was unfortunately bullied to an extreme by Sam and every now and then by Max but Maxie was mostly just “excited” to see her if you know what I mean. We at first thought we would try another boy and hope that the 5 yr age difference would help Bayley establish herself but the breeder then let us try both pups in our house to see who fit. And I am so glad she did. I wasn’t ready for another boy dog!

We picked the little girl and she fits perfectly! Bayley loves her. She is a very gentle little girl like Bayley and does not challenge her at all. She loves people and attention. She is 4 months old which is perfect because those tiny puppies are too much when you’ve got a 9 month old who is into everything too! She was raised with kids so naturally loves Cameron. She has already picked up on the cat herding. She’s got that typical eager to please personality of border collies which I love. She stays close outside.. no leash yet except for training. It makes for a peaceful household. We are so glad to welcome her into our family.


I forgot to mention, she is a smooth coat BC. Perfect for Texas!

And still a happy girl as long as we comply with her playtime demands…

And my love looking just like me as a baby here (in my opinion)

What you don’t believe me?? Yeah yeah, I know she’s got Brian’s eyes but she’d look just like me if she had my eyes!

I can’t find the perfect picture to prove it but I will one day!


I found this old pic of Max and me. I miss him so much. <3 him.

And a pic from my last day with Sam. Gah, breaks my heart still.

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  1. MiMi October 12, 2010

    Hi there! Cameron’s looking more like you every day! Like you said, if here eyes were blue she’d REALLY look like you; but her beautiful brown eyes are perfect for her! Love the photos & blogs!

    hugs & kisses to all,
    Mimi <3

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