Charlotte is Four!

Our peanut butter and jelly Charberry Shortcake is a whopping F-O-U-R years old!

How in the heck did that happen?


She had her dreaded four year old well-check with our pediatrician. Four shots. Happy Birthday. Yuck.
We’re thankful, however, that she got a clean bill of health. She’s growing nicely.
She weighs 33.4 lbs which is 36th percentile and is 39.5 inches tall which is 45th percentile.
She wears size 4T clothes and size 10 shoes.

She has beautiful olive skin. Dark brown, soulful eyes and dirty blonde hair with a slight curl at the end. She had her very first haircut EVER in August. It was just a trim and took some of her beloved curls out.  🙁

At least once a week we get asked if Charlotte & Cameron are twins as they’re nearly the same size. One of the benefits Charlotte has from having a big sister is maturing so much more quickly. It’s not that she’s even really mature for her age, but she does big kid “things”. She plays everything Cameron does and now that we’re doing school at home, Charlotte is learning a lot of the things Cameron is learning.

I asked Charlotte a bunch of questions on video so that we can always remember her at 4. Here she is. Our precious girl.

By the way, if you have a hard time understanding what’s being say I did add closed captions to the video to help. 🙂

Charlotte is no doubt our most colorful child. She breathes enthusiasm into everything she does. Her smile is contagious and her big brown eyes are so genuine and trustworthy. She’s full of energy. Full of noise. Full of life. Full of love. We love our middle so much. She loves animals, especially monkeys and cats and unicorns. She loves all princesses but is also nuts about Spiderman. She hates getting her hair brushed and doesn’t like to go to bed with it wet. Her favorite way to wear her hair is a “side pony.” She’s our girly girl. She likes to have a say in what she wears. And 9 times out of 10 it involves a dress. She hates wearing jeans but she loves leggings. She demands to wear her socks inside out. She likes to be given the opportunity to do things for herself. She is a huge helper! She seems to be her most happy when I give her a job she deems useful so that she can contribute. She looks for every chance she can to have a hand in whatever Brian and I are doing. Whether that’s helping him in the garage or on his computer or helping me clean or cook dinner. Charlotte’s love language has to be giggles. If you can make her giggle and laugh you can wipe away any bad mood. She loves thrill seeking things like being tossed in the air or spun around real fast. As soon as you set her down she gets a huge smile and says, “Again!!!”

Charlotte doesn’t like naps. At all. In fact she really doesn’t ever like going to sleep. She’s our night owl and will stay up until midnight if we let her every night. If she gets even a small nap during the day that will mean trouble going to bed at night. Unfortunately, her preschool class naps regularly so she ends up being wide awake late at night at least 2 times per week. And that doesn’t bode well with the wake up call she gets the next morning when she hears Cameron stirring around. It makes for some long and sometimes difficult days. A rough cycle. A nap would likely make her feel better on these days but then that would just mean she goes to bed late again.

Despite being one of those awesome kids who will try just about anything, Charlotte’s got a serious sweet tooth. Any time she eats something she loves, she still makes that adorable “hum of approval” that she’s done ever since she was an infant. She even does it when she gets worked up and excited about something fun. I love everything that makes her Charlotte.

We’ve always been told she looks like Brian and I’ll admit I see his eyes but not much else. I see parts of myself in her (like my chin and nose) but still never felt like she looked like me. Well, my father (biological) passed away unexpectedly mid-September and I took a trip out to Arizona for his memorial. While there, I came across this picture. It all made sense after that. I look at this picture and think he looks JUST like Charlotte. And as he grew older, he looked like I do as an adult so I guess in some way she does take after me. I only wish he would have had the chance to meet her, and her sisters, to see what joys they are. I am hopeful that he, along with Brian’s father, is looking down on them from above and helping Brian and I keep them safe.


Charlotte decided that she wanted pictures dressed as Belle from Disney’s Beauty & the Beast for her birthday pictures. We always enjoy costumes and  deciding on what to do for birthday pictures. And she’s such a colorful girly girl…. So we went with it. And I love how they turned out. She’s amazingly beautiful isn’t she?


We had a party at our house for Charlotte and she had so many friends come! It was a full house but a blast. Look at that smile on her face! makes it all worth it!

And finally, for her actual birthday, which she shares with their cousin Kaitlyn, we went to the Houston Zoo! It was so fun to have the 4 girls together to see all the animals! UV3A6913UV3A6920UV3A6927

 Charlotte is so special to us. We love her more than words can even say. She’s so smart, sensitive, loving and genuine. I hope she always knows how much she means to us and how incredible she is.

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