Beach Day 2015


We took a day trip to the beach last Sunday with the girls. We stopped at our usual place to eat on the strand and then headed to the sea wall for some time on the beach. The girls had more fun this year than ever before. Partly because it was warm enough to enjoy and partly because we found a great little spot where the tide was out and we could play safely. Molly was THRILLED from the moment we got out of the car. She loved watching the seagulls and squawking at them. When I found a place to put her down she was immediately captivated with the feel of the sand. She loved when the water would rush up to her and she could splash in it. She’s definitely a water baby just like big sisters and was just so cute to watch. A couple of times she tried to eat it but daddy was quick with his hawk eyes to spot it and keep her from it. (We’re a little weary of the water quality in Galveston.) The big girls fed seagulls and collected shells. They even played with a real hermit crab! They dug holes and enjoyed just being kids and getting super dirty. We can’t wait to go back again!

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I just love this. Cameron & Daddy. This was in 2011 before Charlotte was born and then now. Always and forever her daddy’s girl.

Brian & Cam walking on beach

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