Happy 4th!


I can’t believe it’s been 2 whole months since I’ve posted! I have a lot to catch up on!

Happy 4th!

Ours was one I want to remember forever. It was the first time we’ve ever done anything as a family for the 4th and it was fantastic. We went to the Tomball July 4th celebration and we had a BLAST. The girls were able to meet up with Cameron’s best friend Jesse and his family. Long story, but the shortened version is that we’ve moved (again) and Jesse’s family did too. Jesse’s family is only in Tomball temporarily until his family’s home in Pearland is ready for them. They’re staying with his grandparents on their ranch in the area. But we’re here in Tomball to stay and we love it. We. LOVE. it. I was so afraid it wouldn’t feel like home but I already love it so much more than Katy. It has a small town feel. It feels like the country. It smells like the country even! So it’s been great that the girls have a built in playgroup practically in the area for the summer.


Another long story, but shortened version, is that my parents are temporarily living with us. Their house flooded on Memorial day and needs massive, and I mean massive, repairs. It’s a long and stressful process for them but they had flood insurance thankfully and will be able to make some much needed repairs to their home. So, we’re happy to have them here with us for the time being and likely a few more months. They were able to join in on the fun for the 4th and the girls were thrilled.


We ate great food, played, jumped, got wet and even got to pet farm animals. The night ended with an amazing firework show and we had perfect seats. It was spectacular. I brought my tripod to attempt firework shots for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by some of the results.

More blog posts to come soon, specifically with some important updates on sweet Molly and, as always, lots of pictures. <3

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