We’re Amazed!


It was no surprise that she couldn’t wait to get back out on her bike this afternoon. And in a matter of seconds, she picked  right back up where she left off yesterday. And then, a minute later, she no longer needed us to be right there with her. She went and she went and she went. And she rode like she had been riding for years. Such confidence. Such satisfaction. She was so proud. And then she realized she could do something she never could before….

She could go fast.

And so she did. Faster and faster and faster.


Brian taught her how to stop and go on her own and then he taught her how to make skid stops. She would ride as fast as she could and then slam the breaks to make her tires skid and then without stopping or touching the ground would keep riding. See the skid marks she made today in the picture below. I’ve never seen a kid pick this up so fast.

But this is also the first time I’ve ever really observed the process. 🙂

Cameron says, “I’m a natural.” I think I’d have to agree.



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