Molly is 3 months old!!


Sweet Molly is 3 months old!

She’s still absolutely perfect!

She didn’t have a doctor’s appointment this month but our scale shows she’s somewhere between 11 and 12 pounds! She’s definitely a bit longer too! She loves to stretch out those long legs!

She still wears most of her 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.

Her hair (what little bit she has) is a blonde/light brown color. She’s almost completely bald on top with a little bit in the back, still leftover from her newborn days.

Her eyes are still a beautiful blue color. Bright blue with a dark blue ring on the outside.

Big Moments for Molly this month:

– Following something with her eyes/head around a room
– Turning her head toward noise
– pushing up on her hands when on her tummy to lift her head
– cooing and talking
– Amazing eye contact
– reaching toward objects
– discovering her hands and putting them in her mouth

She sleeps 9-12 hours at night with at least 1 long nap of 3 hours during the day. She prefers to sleep independently, swaddled still of course. She sleeps in her swing every night. We’ll be transitioning to her crib, most likely, when she outgrows the swing.

She nurses every 3 hours during the day but still happily takes a bottle while I’m at work. She’s seriously a dream baby.

She adores her big sisters, most of all, and smiles and coos at the sight of them. She even smiles when she sees just a picture of one of them!

¬†We haven’t heard a deep belly laugh or a cackle yet but she does make some sounds that sound like the beginning of laughter.

Every day with her is such a joy. I still can’t believe I’ve been blessed with this precious little angel. I can’t wait to see her personality develop!


I did this comparison photo when Molly was 2 months old but it’s even more apparent how similar they all are now that she’s 3 months.

Notice the : noses, ears, chins and cheeks

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