Molly’s 1 Month!


Molly is 1 month old!

We were thrilled to celebrate a great month with our sweetie.

Her 1 month check-up was perfect. She weighs 9 pounds 7 ounces and is 22 1/2 inches long.

The results of her newborn screen were normal, which is great news. The doctor said she looks very healthy and she’ll be back in a month for another check-up + vaccinations.

She loves to kick her legs and stare out windows and at fans. She responds to our voices and to musical toys.

She is getting more strength to pick her head up and look around.

Her precious light brown hair is thinning but her blue eyes are breathtaking.

Her baby soft skin has developed the usual 1 month old newborn acne but the doctor says it’s not itchy or painful to her. It’s just the results of leftover hormones from pregnancy.

She breastfeeds without any difficulty every 3 hours during the day and about every 4 hours at night.

She is sleeping less during the day now and wanting to be held more. She’s happy to sleep if she’s touching someone. She loves to nap in the ergo carrier which keeps her head on my heart and her body close to mine. This is great because it also keeps my hands free. 🙂 Daddy has worn her this way too and she sleeps very soundly.

I see her developing her own look now. She looks less like her sisters to me than she did right at birth. No doubt they all look similar and share some features. Most people think she looks like Charlotte, and she does, but I see more of Cameron in her. Genetics are crazy. Maybe it’s the eyes but for the first time ever I actually feel like one of my kids looks like me!

Check out Cameron at 1 month old here and Charlotte at 1 month old here.



Even though she smiled at Cameron once before, and often in her sleep, she has started to predictably smile at us when we make eye contact and talk to her. I had to laugh though because when I put her down to take the picture above she wanted nothing of it and screamed.


I’m obsessed with her yawn face.


Merry Christmas!


Kick Kick Kick!


Blue eyes!



The most loving big sisters ever.


Still so small in Daddy’s hands.

We are so thankful for this precious tiny blessing in our lives.


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