Molly’s First Bath

She’s 10 days old now and had her very first bath in the whale tub tonight. Her little umbilical cord fell off yesterday (11-29-14) and the belly button looks fabulous. It brings back so many memories to do this all over again. She looks so much like both Charlotte & Cameron and seeing her in the same tub- I’m just so thankful for these girls. And I’m so thankful that we’ve been blessed with our little Molly. She has stolen our hearts faster than I thought possible and brings smiles to all four of us every day. She is such a little light. And I can already tell, a very special girl. And, I’m probably a bit biased, but I think she’s about as cute as they come.


Here’s our pre-bath picture. Cameron was on the other side of me but was not interested in taking a picture with us. She has a cold sore inside her mouth which she says prevents her from smiling. So Char Char & Mommy cheesed it up with Molly.

But then something happened…

I put Molly on the towels to begin to undress her. Cameron was standing right next to her, talking to her, and Molly turned her head to look at Cameron. I took a picture of their little moment and then Molly smiled! At Cameron! This was her very first “awake” smile.  I couldn’t believe it. And talk about lucky that I had my camera out, aimed and ready to catch it. How stinking cute is this kid??


Cam forgot about her cold sore and gave the biggest smile back. I told her she’s the very first person Molly smiled at and she bubbled with pride. What a sweet moment it was. I can’t wait to see more smiles as Molly grows.

So on we went with our bath and Molly was a little champ. Not even a little fuss out of her.




If you know our girls, it’s easy to see how much Molly resembles her sisters. I think she’s a blend of the two but looks more like Cameron did as a baby. They all look identical while sleeping.


Here’s some of Cam:


And here’s Char:


A bit similar rightUV3A4275

All in all, a great start the last 10 days have been for little Molly. She’s an amazing little baby and I can’t wait to document more of her firsts soon!

Stay tuned, we have been taking LOTS and LOTS of pictures!

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