Beach Babies


We decided on a VERY last minute trip to the beach on Sunday. I had every intention of getting to the beach over the summer but we kept hearing about the massive mounds of seaweed all over Galveston and that didn’t sound appealing at all. Finally, someone mentioned how lovely the beach at Freeport, TX was last Sunday and I said to Brian, “Can we go to the beach for pictures today?” and being the loving and up-for-anything husband that he is, we grabbed an outfit for the girls and my camera and ran out the door to get there before the sun set. We drove about an hour and a half and found a spot where we could literally drive up to the beach, get out of our car, take pictures and go home. It couldn’t have been more perfect. The weather was chilly but beautiful and I was shocked that the water actually appeared blue. Brian was convinced it was a reflection from the gorgeous skies but either way, it sure beats the Galveston beaches that we both grew up seeing.

Cameron was an amazing little trooper. She woke up with a fever and congestion that day and I really hesitated to head out with her feeling bad but knew this could very well be our last weekend before baby M arrives. She cooperated the best she could and seemed to enjoy feeding the seagulls and running away from the waves. I’m really pleased with a few of these, even if smiles aren’t perfect and hair was windblown. It’s real life. It was a great memory being so spontaneous and seeing how excited the girls were to see the beach again.

I can’t believe I’m posting this but at the very end of our trip we decided to get a picture of Baby M and her “first” beach trip. She’s a trooper too. What a good girl staying put for so long. This pregnancy has been such a blessing. I feel so fortunate to be able to carry all 3 of my babies to full term and have the ability to work and remain healthy until the very end.



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