Charlotte’s 3rd Birthday Party


This year is all about Mickey Mouse for our sweet little Charlotte. She just LOVES Mickey (and Minnie and the whole gang) and wanted a Mickey Mouse birthday party. When I asked her where she wanted it she said at Mimi’s house. She asked for a Mickey cake and to be able to swim. We decided to keep the party small and to just family this year. It was such a wonderful time and I know Charlotte felt so special having a whole day about her.

I don’t think she’s ever opened so many gifts at once! She loved everything she got and was very good about going around and thanking everybody individually for their gifts. Big sister was right there to help keep the party going smoothly. She was so sweet (as usual) and made sure Charlotte had a great time. I am so proud of the way she treated her on her special day. I know it must have been so hard to be 4 and watch all the attention on her little sis. We ate pizza and cake and ice cream and then the girls went outside to jump into the pool with their clothes on! It was a great day!UV3A0397 UV3A0403 UV3A0388UV3A0401 UV3A0400 UV3A0416 UV3A0411 UV3A0440 UV3A0450 UV3A0447 UV3A0425UV3A0387 UV3A0456

I just love Cameron’s face in this one. She is genuinely so happy to be celebrating Charlotte’s birthday. Oh and this is Charlotte’s new “look at me and smile!” face….

Shy girl during the birthday song.
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