1st Day of School 2014-2015

There we have it. School officially kicked off today!

Cameron is in Pre-K (yikes!) and Charlotte is in a “turning 3” preschool class. Nearly all of her classmates have September birthdays just like her. We could not be more thrilled with the school that we happened upon. I’m convinced it was fate. I feel very comfortable with them there and I really like their teachers.

Cameron is going 3 days a week and Charlotte 2 days a week.

Neither was sad or tearful at drop off. Just like when we met the teacher, Charlotte went right in and started playing with play-doh. And Cameron looked for some friends and almost seemed to hesitate to give me a kiss! That kid! I got one anyway.

They were very happy when I picked them up and both had great days. Charlotte kept her undies dry all day and ate all of her lunch. Cameron played with new friends and even ran to tell her teacher when she saw that one of her friends was hurt. So proud of these two.

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