Baby Brothers & Baby Sisters: A conversation with a 2 year old

Back story:


This is “Baby Brother.”
This is the toy that Charlotte has chosen as her comfort item. She needs him to go to sleep and drags him around with her almost anywhere. She named him. She loves him. And even though the whippet chewed off one of his arms a few months ago she still adores him and refuses to let me buy a new one for her.

When we found out that our baby #3 was a girl Charlotte had a melt down. She wanted a boy. She wanted a brother. She cried and cried and then when she stopped crying she refused to accept that the baby in mommy’s tummy was a girl. She just kept saying it’s a boy. Time helped her because she’s now accepting that she’s getting a baby sister and she’s indeed a little girl.

Anyway, talking about boys vs girls is a huge deal right now for Cameron. She was the one that said she wouldn’t have anything to do with our baby if it was  a boy because she didn’t want to have to see it’s boy parts. She doesn’t want anything to do with animals that are boys. Or teachers that are boys. Or toys. Anything. (Yet she’s quite curious and has lots of questions about boys and their parts. We have age appropriate books that we are reading to help get us both through this!)

I will often hear Cameron and Charlotte going back and forth over Baby Brother’s gender. Charlotte, being just 2 still, doesn’t really get the differences like Cameron does. I find myself cracking up at Cameron’s attempts to teach her sister and Charlotte’s hilarious replies. What I love about this video is the facial expressions and explanations Charlotte gives. We really don’t get anywhere in the 2-3 minutes in terms of solving Baby Brothers gender mystery but it’s pretty darn cute nonetheless.

Note: Turn ON closed captions before you watch the video. 🙂


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