Happy Halloween 2013

I probably shouldn’t ever make plans for anything in the fall months. Because now, for the 2nd or 3rd time THIS MONTH, our girls are sick again. Nothing serious, thankfully. Charlotte is getting over croup and it appears to be starting up with Cameron.

But, with Cameron counting the “wake-ups” until Halloween, there was no way I was going to stop them from trick-or-treating to at least a couple of houses. Her precious little heart would have been broken. So we went. It was short and sweet but they had a good time and by the end of the night were so ready for bed.1

Charlotte rocked the Tinkerbell costume again with some very necessary rain boots after the downpour that occurred earlier in the day.2

And Cameron switched her costume last minute to Super-girl after her Aunt Emily surprised her with it last weekend. I think it’s much more fitting for Cam than a silly princess costume anyway. Good call, Emily.3

And Boy joined us for the evening as a bumble bee. Another family in our neighborhood tragically lost their 18 year old Italian Greyhound 2 weeks ago when he drowned in their pool after the yard men left the gate open. He was the same exact color and markings as boy. They were so heartbroken that they couldn’t bear to look at his costume anymore and wanted it to go to us. Boy was happy to wear it in memory of Lucky. 4

My 3 babies.5

And they’re off!7


Oh so cute. She just loves her Boy. He’s such a fantastic dog. I will always miss Max but Boy has been such a gift. He has helped mend my broken heart.

Even Super-girls get tired!

Both girls were done before sundown and had to be carried on the walk home. Poor babies. At least they had fun and we made some great memories!

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