Oh Potty!

Much to my surprise, this second child of mine has had very little interest in potty training. I’m not sure why, but I just assumed that because her big sister did the big girl thing that she would want to as well.

I haven’t been trying to train or anything but I will entertain her if she shows signs or desire. And there are days where unless she’s wearing pants you can’t keep a diaper on her. She demands instant changing anytime it’s soiled. And most days of the week she says at least 3-4 times a day, “I need to go potty.” So, naturally I put her up and sit down with her to encourage her to do what she needs. And Nothing. Time and time again. Nothing.

Well last week, I asked Cameron if she would come sit with her so I could put some clothes in the washer. Like the perfect child she is, she happily obliged and even asked if she could “read” a book to her. Clearly, she’s wise beyond her years because not long after she sat down and started reading, Charlotte did what she needed to do.

I dropped my laundry and ran off to get my camera to capture this moment.


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