Sweet girl

My big girl is 7 1/2 months old now and is just changing so much! I’m updating now because she has just done so much in the last two weeks.

Her new favorite word is “mama” which just melts my heart. She says it all the time an I’m starting to think she’s associating it with me. Brian said he heard her say “dada” the other day too. Hopefully she masters that next.

Neither Brian nor I know sign language but we thought we would try to teach the little one a couple signs in an attempt to help her communicate before her language skills develop. Some of the signs we’ve been trying to teach her are dog, mommy, daddy, milk, more, drink etc. Just basic ones. Well she can sign dog now and does it every time you say “dog”. It’s very cute. I was shocked when I saw her actually “get” it and do it every time you say the word. She does it now after not doing it for a couple of days so she actually remembers it. It’s so neat to watch her mind develop!

As far as physical milestones go she’s starting so show signs of wanting to crawl and is pulling up by herself. She tried to pull herself up using a toy yesterday and she fell backwards and it toppled back on top of her. She was so surprised by that. She’s starting to scoot backwards and then get her knees into position to crawl from sitting. It’s just the early stages but I’m very excited for her. She rocks on her hands and knees for a little bit before she gets tired and falls to her tummy. We’re hoping she holds off for 10 more days until we move to the new house. There is stuff everywhere in this apartment in preparation for moving. It’s not even close to being baby proofed.

One more thing that she’s doing now that is just so sweet. When I get home in the mornings at around 7:20 am I immediately shower and then climb into bed. Usually, Brian is in bed still with Cameron snuggling next to him. She wakes up at about 7am for a bottle. As soon as I get into bed she rolls over and gives me a big kiss. Then she rolls back and gives Brian a big kiss. She goes back and forth for a while making sure we both feel loved. It’s soooo sweet. It’s stuff like this that I never ever want to forget or take for granted.

Here are some pictures we took over the weekend. We’ve been testing the settings/flash on our camera. Glad we have such a willing subject. The little ham loves to have her picture taken.

I think she looks like a mini-Brian in this one.

I know. We’re obsessed.


  1. Lindsay August 3, 2010

    she is adorable!! Can’t wait to see your new house!! 🙂

  2. Terry & Craig Jackson August 9, 2010

    Hello everyone! Hope you get this message – it’s Monday in Roatan and thought we’d let you know that we’re ok and having a fantastic time! Wish you all could be here too! We love you and will see you soon! Love, kisses & hugs, Mimi & Indie <3

  3. Terry & Craig Jackson August 9, 2010

    Well …. this may have duplicated my earlier comment, but just wanted to let you all know we’re safe & sound here in Roatan. It’s Monday morning and getting ready to scuba & snorkel — it’s beautiful here, wish you all could be here too! Hope all is going well in Fulshear! Love, kisses & hugs to all!
    Love, Mimi & Indie <3

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