We Experienced the Stink of Lois!

The bloom of Lois the Corpse Flower has come and gone but Cameron and I were lucky enough to experience her stink while she was in full bloom last week and we were not disappointed. She supposedly completed her bloom at around 5 am Friday morning. Cameron and I had tickets for the 10:45 am showing but the lines were so bad that we did not get to see her until around 11:30am. According to the museum, her stink peaked around noon so we got to experience it when it was nearly at its worst.

The whole side of the museum where Lois was displayed smelled like it had dead rats in the walls. When we actually got in her room the smell hit like a wave of heat when you open a hot oven. I would describe it as a cross between a rotting carcass and stinky cabbage. Some people say it smelled moldy and other said it smelled like rotten fish. Either way, Cameron didn’t seem to notice or care and was just happy to take in the excitement around her, though she wasn’t too excited about waiting in lines.

She’s in a daze hanging out in the Baby Bjorn.

Lois wasn’t the prettiest thing after she opened but it was neat to follow her growth and anticipate her bloom. We’ll probably have to wait several years before we can see her bloom again and we’ll be making more visits when and if she does. She collapsed Sunday afternoon which was sad to see but it’s just a part of her bloom cycle. There’s another corpse flower called “Perry” that bloomed less than 1 day after Lois in Minnesota (I think). I happened to just check the webcam for Perry yesterday afternoon and saw him actually collapse. That was really neat to see live. 🙂

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