Gone are the days of matching outfits and freshly combed hair. This is real life. We don’t always have bows.  We have usually have stains from lunch on our shirts.  We are often soaking wet. Most days, I’m lucky to get them with any clothes on at all.

It’s unbelievably hot outside.

And here’s what we’ve been up to!

Washing the cars!

Ice cold popsicles on blistering hot days!

Who doesn’t love driving off into the summer sunset in a Barbie mustang?

Sun-kissed hair turning more golden by the day.

Playing anything she can think of that involves getting wet.

And spending time with chalk in the shade.

A special pool break/ snuggle session with her Didi.

Incessant need to be in the pool.

Incessant need to be dressed up and ready for the pool but on the sidelines.

Lollipops with great friends.

Field trips to the mall for a break from the heat.

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