Looks like she’s started to bloom!

I feel like such a nerd being so excited over a flower blooming. It’s just so nice to have something “news worthy” in Houston that’s not related to crime or hurricanes.

The museum says that they think Lois has started to bloom, but they wont know for sure for a few hours. She made lots of progress today and is noticeably different from when we went Friday. You can read the Houston Museum of Natural Science blog here.

Check out some of her recent pics and the webcam if you have a minute.
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Who knew watching a flower bloom could be so exciting?

I’m thinking maybe we should start looking into a Corpse Flower Halloween costume for the little one. 😉

And speaking of the kiddo, here are a few new pictures of her. We’ve been looking into a new flash for our camera to take better quality pictures. We obviously haven’t perfected portrait photography yet by any means but we’re trying.

“Ugh! I am so over strained vegetables.”

She does this face ALL day long and waits for a reaction. It’s pretty funny.

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