Charlotte is 19 Months

And continuing the one month behind trend…

On April 23, 2013 Charlotte turned 19 months old!

Her weight is 23 lbs 1.5 ounces which is 26th percentile.

Her height is 32 inches which is 50th percentile.

Charlotte’s 18 month well-check was a month late but went well. She had only 1 ear infection that month which cleared up nicely with antibiotics. All-in-all she had a great month full of new adventures and fun.

Isn’t she an angel? Her hair is getting so long that we have to pull it back in some way in order to keep it out of her face. Her bangs reach her nose otherwise. She still has all of those luscious curls in the back and I have no plans of cutting them off..ever! haha

She is such an sweet heart and a mommy’s girl. She loves to be held, cuddled, snuggled, kissed and praised.

Sisters and 100% best friends. Yes, they fight but their love is strong. As parents, I can’t think of much that makes my heart happier than this.

Oh I love them!

Charlotte is our funny child. She’s got a sense of humor like her daddy, hopefully. She can make anyone laugh. She loves to tickle and tease. Sometimes she will say things, or make noises, that make us all laugh. When she sees the smile on our face she gets the biggest grin and does it again. When we laugh again she cackles. It’s so cute.

This picture just makes me laugh… this is her pretend scared face.

A quirk that she’s had since birth, Charlotte still hums when she eats something she likes. The loudest hums come from eggs, cheese, and fruit. (And of course brownies)

Her appetite is still impressive. She can eat and eat and eat. And she’s not afraid to try anything.

She speaks so well now that she can tell us exactly what she wants.

Charlotte is so smart. She remembers things that I didn’t even realize she was aware of. She is observant just like her big sister. She can say anything and she says it well. She loves to sing and she loves to tell stories. She can count. She can say her ABC’s. She blows me away really. I know most of it is because Cameron is here and is her inspiration to be big but she is a very special girl. I hope she likes school. I hope she loves to learn. I hope she’s self-motivated.

New favorites of Charlotte lately:
Micky Mouse, Super Why, and Elmo

And she still loves that Chuggington or “Huggington” as she calls it. And her very favorite engine, Action Chugger!

Baths? Not a fan. At all.

Charlotte had her very first trip to the dentist this month on April 9, 2013. She was cavity-free! What a great way to start! I love our pediatric dentist.

She also rode a pony for the first time on April 7th!

Brian & I spend the night away for the first time EVER since having kids this month. My parents came out to stay with the kids and they had a blast. Apparently they were perfectly behaved! We enjoyed our time away but missed them too.

We bought a new little something for our back patio for the little Charberry. A swing. Because she cannot get enough of them when we go to the parks. I cannot describe how happy this swing makes her.

She is obsessed with it. As soon as she gets up in the morning she’s asking to go outside and swing. She even asks for it late at night. And she wants to be pushed for hours. I spent about 2 hours outside today letting Cameron play in the splash pool and Charlotte wanted to swing the entire time while she watched Cameron.

And this is what happens when big sister gets in the swing. (Or when mommy gets more than 5 feet away) By the way, funny how Cameron has suddenly decided she’s interested in swings again too since one has been placed on the porch. We’ve decided now we’re going to work on saving for a big backyard swing set/play set. As much as these two love playing back there it’s a no-brainer.

She enjoys other parts of parks too like climbing and sliding…though she has been a little more reluctant to slide since her big tumble.

Now that Cameron’s 3 the options open for participating in team sports. We bought a little T-ball set to see how she liked it. We figured we’d enroll her in whatever she seemed interested in. So far, the T-ball set, golf set and soccer set have been tossed to the side in favor of the pool. And since she’s already enrolled in swimming, it sounds like she’s on the right track. But little sister has found these and is surprisingly coordinated!

Happy 19 months Charberry Shortcake. Mommy & Daddy love you so much. I can’t believe how big you are getting. You are such a joy in our lives.

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