I’m Blessed

Today is the 30th anniversary of my birth.

Today was not a day I was looking forward to. In fact, I’ve been in a little funk for the last month thinking about it. But I happened to catch a small part of an interview with Pierce Brosnan the other day and he was talking about celebrating his 60th. And when asked about how he felt, he could only say how happy he felt to be alive for so many years and had so many wonderful blessings in his life.

I sure felt stupid for getting so caught up in the number and losing sight of what really mattered….

And so with my twenties, which were wonderful years, behind me I am counting my blessings rather than my years today. I have so much to be thankful for. My husband and best friend and our two beautiful girls. And family and friends who love us too. We are healthy. We are happy. We are blessed.

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