Rodeo Parade

It was a mad dash this morning.

We’re never on time. Ever.

But today was the rodeo parade at Cameron’s school so we tried really¬†hard. We made it on time. Even had a few minutes to spare.

Her class was the last in the parade. How cute is she?

Yep. Those are rain boots. Does that make me a bad Texan?


She melts my heart. After precious smiles and waves she came up to me for a kiss. Have I mentioned how much I am enjoying 3?

After the parade they packed the kids inside for a little rodeo music show. Can you spot my tiny tot?

She wasn’t big on participating but I can’t blame her. Those kids were packed in there like sardines with the mamarazzi surrounding them. I was overwhelmed too.

So Charlotte and I decompressed at the grocery store.

Yep I’m that crazy mom who takes pictures of her kids in the store.

I can’t help myself. The laundry aisle is so colorful!

And this little series is not over. I’m hitting up Target next.

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