two little bumps on a log

Took a trip to the park today. Yep that’s all. Nothing special. The girls “happened” upon this little log and were up for a little sit. No, of course I didn’t lead them to it in hopes that they would sit down like little angles and maybe hold hands and have a cute little conversation with each other. *snicker*

The dog came too. Cameron’s very suspicious that she’s just been set up…… Waaaait a minute. Where did that camera come from???

I can always rely on my partner in crime to get these girls to laugh when they realize that their adventure has just turned into a photo session. “Bayley!! Go give Cameron a kiss!” he says.

 Wiping the puppy slobber off.

We always have lots of throw out pictures. Lots. But I just couldn’t hit the old delete when I saw this one. Sometimes there’s perfection in imperfection.

Helping little sister balance on the log. Oh the love.

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