Lois the Corpse Flower

A few weeks ago, I (and much of Houston I’m assuming) had never heard of a “corpse flower” before.  But today, Houston is going crazy with anticipation of the bloom of Lois.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science announced at the beginning of July that their Amorphophallus titanum had begun to bloom. This is a very rare and endangered plant that gets its name from the “dead body” odor it releases when it blooms. There have only been 28 or so recorded blooms in the United States and only 2 in Texas! Needless to say, much of Houston is very excited about this silly flower. The museum is certainly seeing the rewards from the $75 investment they made years ago when they purchased this plant as just a small bulb. They’ve had almost a 400% increase in traffic in the last 2 weeks. This is what it is supposed to look like when it blooms.

Last weekend, the museum said they were sure it would bloom at any minute. They have a webcam on the plant 24/7 and have even remained open around the clock so that if she blooms in the middle of the night, Houston would have the opportunity to go see her. Being a night nurse, I get to watch her at nights (and during the days too) when I have some down time and I’ve become quite intrigued with her. The media is describing this as a “once in a lifetime” event so I decided that I would get the little one out to see (and smell) Lois on Friday. She really didn’t smell too bad yet. There was a musty rotten vegetable smell fragrance to the room, though.

My sister, Taylor, joined Cameron and me for the experience. We had a great time. Lois still has not bloomed but we’re watching her here on the Lois Webcam.

Since Lois is located in the butterfly center at the museum, we got to take a walk through the gardens. Cameron held on to her Auntie tight through the walk but seemed to have a great time. We got to see the rest of the museum too including the dinosaur bones and fossils. Here are some pictures of our trip!

In the butterfly gardens.

Cameron in front of Lois.

It was SO hot in that little room with the flower.

She loves her Auntie. Great pic of these two!


Thank goodness this scary looking creature was in a cage!

She had a great time!

Lois Webcam

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