7 Months

Another month has gone by. Cameron is now 7 months old. This last month brought more personality and physical changes.

She is much more aware now (that we’ve noticed) of us as her parents and comfort. She’s started to show a tad bit of anxiety when she goes to someone she doesn’t know. She still happily goes to most people, especially family that she knows well, but always keeps mom or dad in sight if we’re in the same room. It’s cute and makes us feel good. 🙂  Just recently she has been reaching for us all the time. It used to be “arms up” but now she really leans into it.

She is much more eager to entertain a group now. She’s making lots more funny faces just for reactions and has developed her own little excited laugh that is just too cute. It sounds like she’s hyperventilating. She’s also getting better at playing by herself with her toys. I enjoy watching her little mind work during this time.

I think she’s known her name for some time but has been ignoring us. She now responds to her name.

She’s talking! Well, sort of. She says “babababa” “dadadada” and “mamamama”. She doesn’t yet know that this is correlated with anything but the words are definitely coming out of her mouth. Very cute to hear her little girl voice.

She’s definitely got her little routine down. She wakes up around 7:30-8 am and eats breakfast (usually some kind of fruit and a bottle), morning nap at around 10am for about 1 hr, then lunch when she wakes up usually a veggie and meat and either juice or a bottle, then a bottle around 2pm before her afternoon nap which is anywhere from 1.5-3 hours, then a snack when she wakes up and then another bottle, then dinner around 6pm and finally a bath and bottle at 7:30pm and then usually in bed by 8pm. She goes down for the night with no problems in her bed as long as she has her little cuddly friends.

She drinks out of a sippy cup now.

No crawling yet. I’m hoping she holds off till after we’re out of this apartment because I haven’t “baby proofed” yet and I would like to just baby proof the house when we move in. 22 days to go. I think we’ll make it.

She’s still a awesome eater. She eats everything. Brian jokes that she’d eat dog food if we gave it to her. She’s feeding herself too and chewing her food when we give her little finger foods.

She loves to stand while holding someone’s hands.

Getting cuter every day. Her hair is almost long enough for a bow! Here’s some pics @ 7 months!


And an update on the house, all is going well we’re just waiting on our closing day Aug 6th. Here’s how the house looks now.

Cam in her new gameroom!


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  1. Terry (Mimi) July 15, 2010

    Hi – I love these photos …. especially the “sweetness” one! Can believe how much she’s grown. House is really looking great too! Love you all & can’t wait to see you again. Mimi <3 xxx ooo

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