We Love the Outdoors!

 The weather has been too nice to stay inside. So we’ve been doing more exploring, playing and learning outside.

Since January 1st, I’ve been doing my best to stay true to my 365 photo project with the girls. So far, I think I’ve missed 1 or 2 days out of the entire year. Not perfect but not too bad.

Picked up this clearance frame at Hobby Lobby the other day and decided to play with it as a photo prop before hanging it on the wall… I kinda like it as a prop to be honest.

I can’t even tell you why but the picture above may be my favorite of all the photos I have ever taken.

Playing with a giant water wheel! Cam spotted it and thought it looked like fun so we pulled over and them play. This grin was right after she stuck her hands in and got wet.

That’s my girl. Thomas shoes. Blue jean skirt and a nerd shirt. She’s got about as much fashion sense as her momma.

This baby is everywhere now! No stopping her and no taking your eyes off of her!

Exploring. Playing with dirt. Learning.

Get a look at those chunky legs! I could eat them up!!

I’m in love with this funky outfit. It was handmade in San Francisco and brought back by her Mimi & Didi.

A little saggy from behind but there’s room to grow.

By the way, recent development in Charlie’s personality. She really really hates shoes. And socks.

“What’s under this big rock?”

Feeling so accomplished. “I found a rock!”

Cameron’s latest interest while outdoors is finding sticks. On this day, she found two and made one into a needle and the other tweezers. She was playing doctor to Bayley. Giving her the “flu shot”.

It’s so fun to listen to Cameron’s dialogue with herself when she’s pretending. “Ok now Bayley you’re going to get a flu shot but it’s not going to hurt. You just have to hold real still. It’s to help you be better.”

And here’s the patient. So much love for the pup.

And then we let them loose. Run kids run.

And you know how much I love this bridge.

Can’t resist.

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