Charlotte is 13 months

Charlotte is 13 months old now!!

In honor of her 2nd official but 1st participatory Halloween, we’ve done our monthly pictures Halloween costume style.

While she didn’t do a lot of growing this month, only a few ounces weight gain actually, she did a bunch of maturing and developing.

She’s 18.5 pounds.

She wears sizes 9 months and 12 months and size 3-4 shoes.

She has 6 teeth, 4 up and 2 down.

Size 3 diapers.

Charlotte had a big month!

Her biggest news is that she learned how to walk! She took her very first steps 10-17-12. It started with just a few steps and she progressed more and more every day. By her 13 month birthday, she still preferred crawling but was getting braver and braver at standing up and taking steps. She can stand up balanced for several minutes.

Charlotte also started sleeping in her crib. I can’t decide which I’m more excited about..but I’m leaning towards the crib sleeping. And the fact that she’s almost completely weaned… *queue Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus*

She goes to bed no problem around 7pm and sleeps almost all night long. She wakes at like 5am and if I’m lucky Brian will put her next to him in bed. She goes back to sleep easily next to him. If she happens next to me she will scream, kick, cry, and claw in attempt to nurse. If I turn over she throws a giant tantrum and wakes the whole family. This is how we’ve been weaning her from breastfeeding. We just have to pretend mommy is not in the room. Lie perfectly still and don’t make a peep.

She’s become a lot more verbal in the last month. She does this funny little noise that lets us know when she’s hungry or thirsty. It’s so cute. I have been trying to catch it on video but she gets impatient and starts screaming. It kinda sounds like “Num me Yum me Num me.” And knowing Char, you can bet she’s saying this any time she spots food. You can’t hide it. If she smells it, hears it or sees it she wants it.

She’s still a fantastic and very healthy eater. She eats everything. Three meals a day with snacks in between. We can’t leave the pantry door even cracked or she opens it and raids it. Especially if cheerios or frosted flakes are reachable. One day I found her with her hands in the brown sugar!

She likes to be sung to. After bath time  we take both girls out of the tub and wrap them in towels and sing “I’m bringing home my baby bumblebee.” Charlotte loves this. She says a bunch of gibberish and ends with “Bee Bee.”

And about bath time, Charlotte is definitely drawn to bathrooms especially when she hears the water running but panics when you put her in the tub. She wont sit down anymore. She wants to stand and hold on to the side and absolutely hates getting her hair washed. Funny change from before. She’s been a water baby for a few months now.

Words for Charlotte this month are:


-Daddy (not just dada)

-Muh (milk)

– Nana (For bananas or her Nana)

– MiMi

– Chuh Chuh Chuh … “Chug Chug Chug” She hears that a lot thanks to big sis.

I can tell she’s starting to understand us more. You tell her “Dance Char!” and she starts dancing. When we say “bath time!” she knows what to do. When we ask about Cameron she looks at her and grins. She makes cute little car and truck noises “Brrrrrrrmmmm” & “Shhhhhhwooo” when pushing cars, trucks and trains around. She’s been imitating Cam and doing this for several months actually but has started to do less imitating and more doing it on her own lately. It’s like she’s figuring out how to play. She recognizes favorite books, toys, tv shows and activities.

One day, before she began walking, she was standing up and I held out my hands saying, “C’mon Char! Walk to me! You can do it!” She looked at me, gave me a huge cheesy grin and then shook her head to say no. And then another big grin. This tickled me. 🙂

She loves baby dolls. She got one for her birthday and she loves to put the pacifier in her mouth and feed her a bottle. As soon as she sees her she says, “Bayybee!” It’s precious. I remember this age with Cameron. She was the same way. It’s just so cute.

Charlotte loves to play chase games with Cameron. They go in circles around things, Charlotte crawl racing and Cameron running, and when they see each other they scream (very high pitch little girl screams) and go they opposite direction.

 She also loves exploring, opening cracked doors and getting into cabinets (both kitchen and bath). She’s figured out she can put things in the toilet but isn’t strong enough to flush yet. She tries though. She is drawn to the potty. Both Cameron’s training potty and ours, she wants to lift the lid and stick her hands inside. Yuck! She pulls everything out of cabinets and crawls inside. Cameron has found that it is lots of fun to join in on this game with her. Edge household messes doubled this month. We get one thing clean and while we are cleaning/tidying it another is being destroyed.

Also, have I mentioned how tired we are of sippy cups? I guess they’re better than bottles but Oh My GOSH we go through so many. At least 6-8 per day with these two. We try to wash the same one out and reuse it for the same day but inevitably it gets left in a car or stuck under the couch or in a toy box and turns into curdled milk by the time we find it. This was one of those parenting things we weren’t prepared for. Where the heck did all of these dirty dishes come from???

So another first for Charlotte this month was a stomach virus from you know where. This was actually our first time as parents to deal with this too. In fact, the very same day that Cameron (yes she got it first) started puking I was just bragging to a friend of mine how lucky we were to have dodged stomach viruses all this time. We’d never had to deal with vomiting children in the bed all night kind of ordeals.

Wham! That same day, that night actually, I went to work and poor Brian was baptized into a new part of parenting. Poor guy. I came home from work that morning to find them all passed out on the bed on trash bags and random comforters from the closet.

It didn’t stop there. Charlotte got it next except hers was worse. In one night she vomited 4 times. I took her to the doctor because she wasn’t holding down food or drink the next day either. He prescribed Zofran and she was able to then drink and eat but then the worst diarrhea I’ve ever seen came. I’m talking 8 times a day all over everything. Not to mention the horrific diaper rash that comes with this. Cam got this too. This didn’t mix well with our potty training woes. Sorry if this is all TMI but it was a first for us. It was apparently spreading like wildfire through Cameron’s school (and many others I’ve heard).

And we thought we were all done with that nasty virus. We were smooth sailing. Charlotte had her party a month late and had a ball. We all had a great time. She inhaled her cupcake and several cookies. It must have been too much for the munchkin because later that night she was sound asleep and woke up crying. I gave her a minute or two to let her put herself back to sleep but she got louder and more panicked sounding. I went to check on her and she was covered in cake vomit. Poor baby. It must have been too much for her sensitive little system. Isolated incident thank goodness. But memorable nonetheless.

Sweet baby reading her books. She loves to read. She finds the nearest lap and plants herself in it to be read to.

Silly glasses at Mor & Pappy’s house.

Just another random hot Texas fall day. At the splash pad. Actually we had intentions to only play at the park but Cameron insisted on stripping down to her undies and running through the water. Little one had a blast watching and even joining in.

We had a great Halloween! Both girls went to their very first Halloween party and trick or treating. No candy this year for CharBear but she had a blast anyway.

Snapped this on the day she took her first steps. How proud she looks!! She gets me with that smile.

Bed head. Using mommy’s lens cap as a phone.

And here’s the duo. Aren’t they cute in their matching outfits from Nana? Cam’s showing Char how to play the tambourine.

Funny faces. Gosh I love these two. Hard to believe how big they’re getting.


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