Brian’s First Father’s Day and house update

It appears our house situation has worked itself out after all, thank goodness. We were starting to think we’d have to cancel our contract on the new house because we had not received much traffic at all on the old house and no decent offers. Last week, however, the same day that Ashton Woods (new home builder) contacted me about canceling the contract, we had a showing at 5 pm that turned into an offer that same day. As of now, we’re nearing the end of the option period and if all goes well we’ll close on the old house on August 6th and then on the new house later that same day. We’ve submitted all of our paperwork for the loan on the new house and just locked in our interest rate. The new house is moving right along and is better than we even imagined. We’re very much looking forward to calling it our home in the coming months. We’re still in the apartment now. Our dogs are so ready to have a back yard again.

They just added grass on Wednesday. We hope they keep watering it!

We had a good time celebrating Brian’s first Father’s Day. He’s such a great daddy. He spent the day with Cameron while I recovered from working the night before. When I woke up we went out to eat at Red Lobster. We haven’t been out to eat much recently because we’ve been working hard to save money.  Cameron now is no longer satisfied to just sit in her car seat at the table or even be held by one of us. She wants to grab everything on the table, bang on the table and drink out of our glasses. It’s quite cute to see her so interactive now. She laughs at everyone and everything. Cameron and I are so thankful to have Brian. Happy Father’s Day!

Cameron and Daddy. She liked his water.

Brian’s mom took us out to eat sushi for his first father’s day. The restaurant had a giant round fish tank full of bright fish. I don’t think Cameron had ever seen a fish tank before; she loved it! It’s so much fun to watch her experience new things.

She’s doing more and more every day. She’s got a new found fascination with her tongue and all the fun things it can do and fun noises it lets her make. No teeth or real words yet but lots and lots of drooling and babbling. She enjoys sitting on the floor surrounded by lots of toys and playing with all of them. Her favorites seem to be her little dollies. So cute!

My loves.

Another funny face she’s makes.


Little ham.

Happy Father’s Day!

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