First Day of School

Cameron woke up in a great mood and feeling great too. We decided to let her go to her first day of school.

It was the first time we’ve set our alarm to get up in a long time! She popped right out of bed with me when it went off. I tossed and turned all night long worrying about missing the alarm and tending to Charlotte who is still sick. She was eager to eat her breakfast and get to school so she could play on the playground.

She picked at her breakfast and drank her juice. And even let me brush her hair without any tears.

Here’s her official first day of school picture for 2012.

And her signature goofy grin that she loves to give when mommy is taking pictures.

She went into class with no problems and no tears. She sat down in a chair and began playing right away. She has 3-4 children in her class this year that were in her class last year too.

I know it will be a great year for her!

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