Last day before school starts…

Well tomorrow is the big day…

Cameron is heading back to school! She will be doing another year at the same preschool and will have a new teacher, new classroom and new friends.

After a haircut, a new pair of shoes and some jeans that actually fit, she’s excited and very eager to get started.

The unfortunate part of it all is that she may miss her first day.  🙁 Both kiddos are sick again from what I’m guessing was either the Meet the Teacher day or they picked something up in the church nursery. We’ll know in the morning whether or not she will actually be able to go.

Here are our sick sweeties on a walk this evening… the last night before the start of a great year!

Cameron 2 years and 9 months (almost)

Dunno what’s up with this crazy face….

Charlotte 11.5 months

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