We have two little girls who love Thomas!

Little sister is definitely starting to take after big sister. Charlotte likes playing with the trains and pushing them around. She lights up at the sound of the Thomas theme song. Cameron’s having a blast with her new set of tracks and doing anything involving the trains. We listen for train horns, look out the car window for tracks, try to find the train in the malls and of course sing lots of train songs.

If she had it her way, Cameron would wear Thomas the Train apparel every day. I try not to push her away from it. But sometimes I suggest other clothing items if we’re going to be out and about. I am a bit embarrassed that somebody actually asked if Cameron was a boy or a girl the other day. Oh well, you can only be 2 once. We’ll let her rock it while she can. She not even what I would call a tomboy. She’s just really well rounded. She can totally do the whole pink thing and does play with dolls and girl toys too. She just happens to really like trains.

It’s not her fault the makers of Thomas the Train apparel make it all so “boyish.”

She hand picked these jammies for herself and Charlotte the other day.

I thought it was kinda cute so I’m sharing.

They’re too young to be persuaded for or against things because of their gender. They have the rest of their lives to worry about that kind of stuff. We’re gonna have fun letting them be kids. 🙂

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