Our Little Guppy

We enrolled Cameron in swimming lessons in July at the Houston Swim Club. She was in a 2 week every day course and then just started another 2 week every day course at the next level.

Our hopes for her were that she would become more comfortable with going under water and learn water survival skills in case she were to be faced with a dangerous water situation.

We were also missing out on some social interaction and thought it would be a great place for her.

Cameron was not crazy about swim class for the first 12 days. She had a great instructor who was very patient with her. She was the youngest in her class.

Parents can watch the whole lesson but the children cannot see us.

The class is 30 minutes long. A bell rings to announce the start of class. It took us 12 days to realize that the sound of the bell is what scares her.

So now she covers her ears before class and when the ringing is gone, she happily walks in.

I felt so sad for her the first few days before she really knew what was going on and where to go. She was so scared. Shaking at the end of class when I picked her up. The school is very structured and teaches children to push through those fears. It killed me to not be able to be there for her when she wanted me. And to have her literally peeled off of me and carried to class by someone she doesn’t know.

To make things worse, the very first day she jumped off the step into the deep water while her teacher was across the pool with another student. I think she forgot she didn’t have floaties on. She sunk to the bottom and the lifeguard jumped in to get her. She was under for only about 3-4 seconds but it was enough to make me nauseated and have nightmares of Cameron drowning for the next 2 nights. I bribed her the next day. “If you stay on your step today we will get a new train on the way home!” She did and made sure it was the first thing she said when we got her after class. She hasn’t jumped off since.

But she’s all better now!

She doesn’t have the same teacher this time which made us sad, but he still sees her every day and comes up to her, talks to her and hugs her. I can tell she feels more comfortable when he’s around. She trusts him.

Going down the slide!

Floating on a raft with her friends. They had a really good class. Very sweet kids.

With Mr. Wilmer’s help, she picked up that ring from the bottom of the pool!

She’s floating!

Proud girl. And so happy that we were in the pool area to watch!


This is her Float Test video from the final day of the first set of classes. She did really well.

Yay Cameron! She’s officially graduated from the guppy to the goldfish level!

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  1. Cindy July 28, 2012

    Oh we love reading about Cameron and Charlotte! They’re getting so big, so fast! How proud Cameron must be to be 2 and 1/2 and a goldfish! đŸ™‚ Love the new haircut!

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