Charlotte is 10 months old!

I am SO far behind on my blogging…

And Charlotte is 10 months old! (for a few more days)

At the 10 month mark, she weighed 16 1/2 pounds and was around 27 inches long. Still pretty tiny if you were to compare her to some of her peers but she’s growing and that’s all that matters really. She eats and eats and eats.

She’s wearing size 6-9 months mostly now though I still have some 3-6 month clothes in her closet.

Shoe size: 2 or 3

Diapers: size 3

Tooth count: 4

Her top teeth broke through on 7-3-12 & 7-5-12. They have brought with them the biting phase. I remember this so well from when Cameron went through it. As much as I love this age, this part is awful!! Those little teeth are sharp and there’s nothing better to her than biting down on mommy’s flesh, whether it be my arm, leg, stomach, back, shoulder or anywhere else. I am bruised all over my body from this child!! I seem to remember this phase just passed eventually with Cameron so I plan on just waiting it out. I do tell her no and yelp in pain when she does it.  She finds this funny…

Here’s what Charlotte learned how to do this month:

– Clap her hands! (7-10-12)

– Say “Cat” when she sees the kitty (7-5-12)

– Say “Dada” when she sees Brian (7-10-12)

– Pulling up to stand on anything

– First cruise steps (7-10-12)

– Climbed a few stairs (7-15-12)

– Attempts to imitate Itsy Bitsy Spider motions

– Eating “real” food! (Spaghetti, fruit, etc)

“Clap Clap Clap!”

Busy month for her. It’s been a busy month for all of us really. Her crawling has become explosive. She’s able to maneuver herself all over the place no matter what type of floor it is.

And the blonde hair just keeps on coming. I absolutely love it. It’s so soft and very straight, just like Cameron’s. We’re having to do bows or lots of pink though because we get asked all the time how old our SON is!

Her eyes are almost what I would call brown now. They’re no where near as brown as Cameron’s but they’re definitely not light and not green. Still somewhere in between. I guess you could call it a dark hazel?

She just keeps getting darker too. She’s got a beautiful skin color like Brian. It looks very tan. She’s quite a bit darker than her big sister. It is so interesting to us how different these two girls are turning out to be. They looked just alike at birth but now I think they look nothing alike!

And while drama should be the middle name for both of our girls, Charlotte definitely takes the cake in that realm. Phew!

She loves water just like her big sister. She loves to splash in the tub and at the pool. She and Cameron take their baths together and it’s my least favorite part of the day. I get soaked and so does the bathroom. They have a blast though…

I’ve been thinking that Charlotte probably wouldn’t walk at 11-12 months like Cameron as she’s taken her time to start pulling up and cruising. But she’s showing more interest in mobility now and likes to walk when we hold her hands. While I previously thought she would be well over a year before she walked, my prediction now is 13-14 months. And believe it or not, I’m kind of looking forward to it. I think she’ll be a much happier baby.

I can’t believe she’s getting so big!!

She’s not actually walking with this at 10 months but she likes to pull up on it. She loves the noise it makes and playing with all the buttons on it.

Her smiles and laughter is so contagious. And she’s quite the camera ham.

Sleep: Still doing ok. Still the biggest issue we have with Charlotte. She’s not in her crib yet but a plan is in the works. I think she’s the world’s lightest sleeper. She pops awake at the tiniest sound. She spends most of her night in the swing now. It’s a good thing she’s the size of a 6 month old because that’s the only place I can get her to sleep away from me. I ended up nearly falling apart from chronic sleep deprivation because Charlotte wanted to sleep with me all night and nurse all night. It’s nearly impossible for me to get solid sleep when she does this. So now, she spends part of the night in the swing and then wakes up somewhere between 3am and 7am and then I put her in bed with me. I’m feeling better since doing this as I am finally getting a little bit of sleep. Next, we’re going to try the crib. She naps either in the swing or in our bed with Cameron and me. Still 1-2 per day.

Her “words” now are: Dada, baba, uh uh,  and cat

She still eats more than Cameron in a day I’m sure. She eats 3-4 jars of baby food a day with solid snacks in between. We also give her solid foods that we eat like fruits, spaghetti, mac ‘n cheese, bread, veggies and so on. She is really enjoying the variety. I don’t see baby food lasting much longer.

She’s into everything now. Mommy’s little dishwasher helper.

Mmm diapers…

I have a picture of Cameron in this same outfit.

(Cameron at 9 months)

They really don’t look alike but it’s always been a favorite of mine.

Honk Honk!! Charlotte’s riding in Cameron’s box car!

And she’s Cameron’s baby doll, along for the ride in the baby doll stroller!

Aww  our little sweetie.

Just woke up from a nap and playing sweetly by herself with toys. This is such a pleasant sight to see…

Happy baby looking out the window!

All smiles again after a bump on the head. (You can see the mark in this picture) She’s still always getting hurt but is a trooper.

Trip to the pool. Cute as can be in a swimsuit.

I can’t believe our little Char Char is nearly a year old. Time has flow by. She’s a lot of work but so worth it. We love this girl and are so happy to have her in our lives. We can’t wait to see what her future brings.

…..Perhaps a career in acting?

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