Charlotte is 8 months!!

Char Char is 8 months old!

8 months. 2/3rds of a year. Holy cow. Where in the world is time going?

Charlotte is now 15 pounds and 26 inches long.

She wears size 3-6 months and size 2 shoes.

I’m not sure where she falls size wise anymore on the “curve”. We’ll find out next month at her well baby visit. She’s definitely a petite little bug.

This may be one of my new favorites. I’ve always loved this outfit on the girls.

Charlotte’s was sick for almost her entire 8th month. She was well for maybe 4-5 days total! She ended up with a grand total of 4 colds with the first and the last being the worst. You will probably notice the wetness on her face in most of the pictures of this month.. this may be TMI but we were practically drowning in snot over here. The poor baby, she couldn’t catch a break! We’re hopeful that now that there’s a break from school that both girls can remain well over the summer. I’m one who hardly ever gets sick and I happened to get the most recent cold too and was absolutely miserable for several days. I feel so sad that Charlotte had to go through that miserable feeling so much lately. She’s such a good little trooper. Even though she felt awful she kept a smile and continued working on exploring her environment.

Despite her feeling under the weather, this was a big month for Charlotte developmentally. She has made a lot of changes and is on the brink of mobility.

Big Moments for Charlotte this Month:

– 2 teeth popped through! (4-28-2012)

– saying “da da” and “ba ba”

– Creeping (or scooting) on her tummy backwards

– pulling up to knees and even to feet a few times

– Getting onto all fours from sitting up and then rocking and almost crawling

– splashing with her hands in the tub in response to Cam

– fed herself puffs a few times (and then almost choked…) No more puffs for a while.

– increased interest in books

She doesn’t like to just sit anymore. She pushes herself onto all fours and works on figuring out how to make herself mobile.

How sweet is she? Love my little blondie.

She’s been still eating solids 2 times a day though I decided to go to 3 times a day on her 8 month birthday. Instead of adding more food, though, I’m splitting breakfast and lunch for now. I plan on gradually incorporating more eventually but I don’t want her little tummy to get upset. She nurses about 4 times a day and intermittently at night. Nursing an 8 month old is definitely more difficult that I had imagined. She’s very easily distracted so I have to find a way to provide a quiet environment for her so she will actually eat. The distraction actually began months ago but it seems like it’s multiplied in this last month. She also likes to constantly be touching something while nursing, like my face or necklace or my arms and has recently learned to pinch. You know that little spot on the back of the arm that has fatty skin and hurts like heck when pinched? Yeah, that’s her favorite place to pinch while she nurses. Ow! But I do love the face and chin touching and when she still gazes at me and waits for me to make eye contact with her and then a look of the purest love. It makes all right in the world for that moment.

As far as finger foods go, we’re definitely not going to rush things. We tried puffs a few times and she scared me to death by nearly choking. She managed to get a few into her mouth by herself and seemed to like the challenge of using her tiny fingers to pick them up and maneuver them around. It’s so bizarre to me that I’m not more laid back with my 2nd child. I remember and even have pictures of Cameron eating all kids of finger foods at this point. I guess that just goes to show that children develop differently and you have to adjust according to what fits your individual child.

The sleep situation hasn’t changed in the last month. She wakes a few times in the night but is easily put back to sleep. Naps are usually 2 times per day with 1 being much longer than the other. She sleeps snuggled in very close to me. One thing about Charlotte that I find so cute is how much she sweats in her sleep. She wakes up completely drenched with crazy hair.

Tooth count is still 2. They are coming in fast. I am thinking the top teeth are probably on their way too from then amount of biting she’s done lately.

I know crying pics are so sad but I wanted to use this picture to show her lil teeth.

I’m not sure when eye color is completely determined but we might be getting close. Her eyes still haven’t made up their mind. Depending on what she’s wearing and the lighting, they vary between green and brown. They are not nearly as dark as Cameron’s.  We are anxious to see how they turn out.

As you can see, her hair is quite blonde right now and almost looks reddish blonde in some lights. I love it! I’m sure it will end up brown one day but we’re enjoying have a blonde child for the moment. Cameron’s hair is a dirty blonde but Charlotte’s seems to be a bit lighter.

So little miss ready for mobility is climbing all over stuff and literally days away from crawling, I think.

It happened so fast. Last month she just sat there for the most part and now she’s anxious to go places.

We don’t get a lot of use out of the crib but one day 2 weeks ago I put her in it so I could hang up some clothes in her room. She grabbed onto the rails and pulled herself up. It shocked me and made for some cute pictures.  A bunch of them. A few times she went all the way to her feet but mostly it’s to her knees.

nom nom nom

Cameron likes to play in it too. They giggle and laugh together about silly little things.

I just love her look in this. So serious.

This one cracks me up.

Here’s a video from Mother’s Day that I thought was funny. I was trying to get Charlotte to say “ma ma” but she insisted “da da” was the word for her.


She likes to imitate. I think we might be close to her first “sign” too. She can sign dog but hasn’t connected it to the dogs yet.

This video is really not all that exciting but she was being cute with smiles while I was feeding her and I decided to see if I could catch one of her little cheesy grins.


We had a birthday party for Charlotte on her 8 month special day. It was Cameron’s idea. Cupcakes, ice cream and staying up late watching Charlotte’s Web. This is just the beginning of lots of fun times ahead with these two. We’re going to have a little party next month for Cameron’s 2 1/2 year mark.

“Pick me up please, mommy!”

She still doesn’t like to be put down for long. She has gotten better now that she is working on moving but I have to be right next to her. She loves to be held or worn. I love this about her and know I will one day miss it. I’m soaking up every minute I can.

She doesn’t like the stroller or strangers.

She does love the camera. I’ve been getting a little more experimental with taking pictures like trying new areas, lighting and settings. I’m so happy that I have such sweet little subjects that give me these captured memories.

She’s still loving bath time with Cameron and so am I. It makes it so much easier to bathe them at the same time. In a few months she will graduate from the bath chair and can really get a chance to play in the tub.

Intensely watching Cameron playing in the sprinkler.

One thing that I find funny is that Charlotte doesn’t like to be on her tummy. When she’s sitting up, she will lean forward and put herself into the hands and knees position. And from this position she can get back to sitting if she wants.  If she happens to fall and her tummy touches the ground she gets frustrated because she can’t get back up. And she can’t go anywhere except scoot backwards which usually puts her under a couch or wedged against something. It’s quite funny. I remember this with Cameron and how amazing it was when she eventually was able to roll around all over the place and get up and down whenever she wanted. There’s such a huge difference between now and in just a few months.

Charlotte is soooo ticklish. She cracks up at the slightest tickle of her legs and toes. And neck. And tummy. I need to get her laughing on video so that I can always have it. Baby laughter is so contageous. Also, someone needs to find a way to bottle the smell of a baby.

I know, tons of pictures. I love love love trying to capture precious moments.

Being able to look at this smile forever is priceless.

Spiky hair from lots of sunscreen.

Aww my sweet sisters. So much love. What a good big sister. Special girls.

I am so crazy in love with my Char Char & Cam.

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