Socks and Sandals

Cameron loves to get herself dressed. For the most part, we have no problem letting her pick out her clothes. Just another one of those battles not worth fighting. She’s just starting to actually be able to dress herself… sort of. She can put her shorts on and her socks and shoes on. She’s still learning how to put shirts on.

This morning, we let her pick out her clothes before heading out for the day. She chose her yellow striped princess shirt (no surprise as this is a usual favorite for her), black athletic shorts, and cinderella socks with little flowers on the outside.

So we’re getting her dressed, she puts her socks on and says to me, “Take this off!” pointing to the little pink flower sewn to the outside of her socks. Brian and I share a giggle. As girly as Cameron can sometimes be, she has moments like this that make me proud.

So she gets her socks on, shorts on and she helps me get her shirt on. I tell her, “Why don’t you go pick out some shoes and then you are all done!” “Okay!” she says, and she runs off to her bedroom to find the pair she wants to wear.

She comes back with white sandals. “Oh those are very pretty sandals, Cameron, and a great choice, but I think shoes might be good to wear with those socks.”

“Why?” she says. I look at Brian. “You explain it,” I said. I have a cold this morning and very little voice. On top of that, I don’t think she can understand me very well right now. She said “Huh?” about a thousand times to me in the last 24 hours and I was beyond tired of repeating myself. Brian looks at her and says, “Socks and sandals don’t go together, honey. It defeats the purpose. If you want to wear sandals, let’s just take those socks off. Otherwise, let’s get shoes for your socks.” “Okay!” she replies and runs off again to her bedroom. Her little pitter patter of feet come back and she presents us with a new pair and ¬†huge grin. “I wear these!” This time she had pink sandals that were 2 sizes to small. Yet, still her favorites. I haven’t been able to sneak them into the “Shoes for Char Char” box yet. “Well, honey, those are still sandals and they still don’t work with socks. If you want to wear them, you can take your socks off. Or you can put those back and pick out a pair of shoes to wear.” “Huh?” she says, looking absolutely confused. “Go pick out another pair of shoes, Cam!” we say excitedly, trying to keep it simple. “Okay!” she says with a smile and runs off to her bedroom yet again.

This time, she comes back with NO socks! We weren’t ready to explain the “no socks and shoes stinky feet” rule. That would just be too much on this morning. So we opted for distraction and redirection again. Ahh the joys of having a 2 year old! Bingo. She puts her socks on and then carefully gets her shoes on and buckled up. While I wasn’t thrilled with her choice, it wasn’t something I would fight her on. We told her she could pick and she did. Hey, at least they matched!

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