Cameron’s Last Day of School

We’ve been battling colds for the last month in our household. Charlotte’s on her 3rd in less than 4 weeks! And Cameron came down with one, complete with fever and a nasty cough, on Monday night.  I worried that she would have to miss the last day of school. A chance to tell her teachers and friends goodbye for the summer. A final party with her very first group of friends.

Tuesday was a healing day. Lots of TLC. Lots of Thomas and Friends. Lots of snot. Lots of coughing. It was quite pitiful. Cameron was in bed by 6pm.

Tuesday night, Cameron’s fever spiked at 3 am. 101.8. We medicated and she went back to sleep until 7am. She woke up in a fantastic mood. I hesitated sending her to school. It had been way less than 24 hrs since her last fever. By 9 am it still had not returned. I decided I would take her for the party so she could say good-bye and then bring her home right after.

But first, we had to take our end of the year picture.

I got this idea from Pinterest and I love it. You can see how much she’s grown in relation to the door.  She was 20 months when school started and is now 29 months. She looked like such a baby before and now like such a big girl. I know we’ll be saying the same thing in another 6 months.

We absolutely loved her first year of preschool.

She couldn’t have asked for better teachers and classmates.

Cameron saying good-bye to Ms. Kristi.

And good-bye to Ms. Sarah.

Can you tell Cam didn’t feel very well? She was super quiet at school and very clingy to me. I was really surprised that she didn’t play much. Usually, when I’m at school with her she says, “Mommy, go away.” But today she said, “Mommy, I want to go home.” We went home and took a long nap. Here’s hoping a school-free summer means we also stay illness free!

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