Charlotte’s Baptism

What a special Mother’s Day!

Charlotte Hanna Edge was baptized on Sunday, May 13th 2012.

She was baptized at Pilgrim Lutheran Church by Pastor Bauer.

Her Godparents are Kelly & Brendan Matthews and Mark & Emily Fenlon.

This was an event for the whole family.

(Forrest is not pictured because he was the photographer. Thanks Forrest!)

Due to illness, we were also missing Brendan Matthews, Mark & Emily and Faye Jackson and Debbie & Brooke Michalcik.

Beautiful girl. She wore the same gown that Cameron wore. She received a very special ring from my grandparents that she’s wearing around her wrist.

During the baptism. Charlotte’s godmother, Kelly. The church elder during the ceremony, Grandpa (her great-grandfather). And us.

Charlotte did really well through most of the church service. She sat quietly in my lap without even so much as a peep. She continued to do well until she was passed off to the pastor for the baptism. She screamed. She cried. And screamed and cried. He passed her off to me at the end and she instantly quieted. He joked about it being Mother’s Day and she was supposed to do that.

It was definitely more interesting going through the baptism this time around. Now that Cameron is almost 2 1/2, she’s asking questions and very curious about what happens around her. She also can be a little jealous at times. Because of this, we wanted to explain to her what would happen to Charlotte and why we were doing it. We also wanted her to know that the very same thing happened to her when she was a baby. Her baptism date was May 23rd, 2010. We have been reading toddler Bible books and singing songs about Jesus with her. When we explained to Cameron why Charlotte was going to be baptized, we told her that it was so Charlotte would know in  her heart that Jesus loves her, just like Cameron knows. She seemed content with this explanation. (By the way, this is hard to do! How in the world do you explain certain complicated things to toddlers without confusing them?)

Anyway, during the service Cameron decided that Pastor Bauer was Jesus. To be fair, Jesus wears similar outfits in our books. He disappeared out of her sight for a few minutes and she asked, “Where’s Jesus?” During the baptism, she half way watched and half way played around where we were standing. It was not until he actually baptized her that Cameron really started watching because Charlotte started to cry. After it was all over, we talked with Cameron again about what happened. She said, “Charlotte took a bath. Jesus washed her.” And then she thought about it a little more and said, “Jesus loves her.” I know she’s thinking so literally (that Pastor Bauer is Jesus and that he loves her since he so delicately baptized her) but I cannot help but be in awe at the truth to what Cameron said. So simple. So few words. So true.

A while later she said it again and then added, “And Jesus loves me too.”

Children have such pure hearts.

And in honor of Mother’s Day, four generations of women. Daughters. Mothers. Grandmothers. Great-Grandmothers.

After the baptism we had a little get-together at my parents’ house for lunch. It made for a nice afternoon and a great mother’s day.

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